Retractable Card Holders

No promotional lanyard website is complete without a section dedicated to retractable card holders, which of course, be custom printed with your company logo. We also have many different styles to choose such as star shape badge reels as well as a variety of colours which will allow your company to pick the best custom badge reel that suits them!

Don't forget to add some card holders to go with your retractables! When combined with a card holder, they will make perfect security id's.

Round Retractable Card Holder
Round Retractable Card Holders are perfect for security ID
Square Retractable Card Holder
Square Retractable Card Holders come in several different colours
Star Retractable Card Holder
Star Retractable Card Holders come with a nylon pull cord
Carabiner Card Holder
Carabiner Retractable Card Holders are very sturdy for heavy use
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