Printed Lanyards

Our most popular collection of custom printed lanyards can all be personalised with your company logo. The different fabrics of these lanyards can affect the branding. To give you the best idea of what the final product will look like, we have split them into sections, each with high-res images.

If you're looking for an even higher quality lanyard, make sure you check our range of woven lanyards.

12mm Bootlace Lanyard
Great custom printed lanyards in 12mm width are ideal for security
15mm Bootlace Lanyard
Customised lanyards in a wider 15mm option with wholesale pricing
15mm Polyester Lanyard
Our biggest selling promotional lanyards for corporate use
20mm Polyester Lanyard
Branded lanyards in wider 20mm width are best bought in bulk
25mm Polyester Lanyard
Wide lanyards for large logos and bold text for easy visibility
15mm Nylon Lanyard
Bright nylon lanyards bought in bulk come at a competitive price
20mm Nylon Lanyard
Enhance your company's security with these nylon lanyards
25mm Nylon Lanyard
Our ID lanyards have become more important in today's world
15mm Satin Lanyard
These thin satin lanyards can be used for both security and promotions
20mm Satin Lanyard
Bulk lanyards in satin material will feel soft against your neck
25mm Satin Lanyard
Cool lanyards in wide 25mm satin makes these ideal conference lanyards
10mm PVC Lanyard
PVC Lanyards come in a great range of translucent colours
15mm Full Colour Lanyard
Custom printed lanyards in brilliant full colour print
20mm Full Colour Lanyard
Large 20mm width sublimation lanyards gives plenty of design ideas
25mm Full Colour Lanyard
Full colour graphics look best on these branded lanyards
20mm Neoprene Lanyard
20mm Neoprene Lanyards feature a wider imprint area
15mm Poly/Satin Lanyard
The lanyard double layering makes these a choice for promotions
20mm Poly/Satin Lanyard
Quality corporate lanyards with polyester base and satin top layer
25mm Poly/Satin Lanyard
Printed Poly Satin lanyards look great with customised logos
15mm Reflective Tape Lanyard
15mm silver reflective tape lanyards are ideal for outdoor workers
20mm Reflective Lanyard
20mm Reflective Lanyards features more customisable printing area
10mm Silicone Lanyard
10mm Silicone Lanyards have a modern and eye-catching design
15mm Silicone Lanyard
15mm Silicone Lanyards come in a range of custom colours
Zipper Lanyard
Zipper Lanyards feature a specially designed PVC puller
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