Eco Friendly Lanyards

We also have a great range of eco-friendly lanyards for those who wish to be more environmentally friendly. Among the various styles below are our ever-popular bamboo lanyards, which are high-quality lanyards made from bamboo fibres.

We also carry corn fibre lanyards made of all-natural and non-polluting corn fibre and don't forget our recycled PET lanyards made from the broken down fibres of plastic drink bottles.

15mm Flat Bamboo Lanyard
Wider bamboo lanyards in flat woven style for more compex logo choices
12mm Bootlace Bamboo Lanyard
Bamboo lanyards in bootlace style are the ideal eco choice
15mm Recycled PET Lanyard
Our recycled PET lanyards are a great environmentally friendly option
20mm Recycled PET Lanyard
Personalised lanyards in 20mm recycled eco friendly PET
25mm Recycled PET Lanyard
Custom printed lanyards in a wider enviro 25mm recycled PET material
15mm Corn Fiber Lanyard
15mm Corn Fibre Lanyards are all-natural and non-polluting
20mm Corn Fiber Lanyard
Our all natural Corn Fibre Lanyards feature a 20mm wide printable area
25mm Corn Fiber Lanyard
Extra Wide Corn Fibre Lanyards feature a 25mm printable area
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